Hotel Hallo is a method to learn Dutch for children between the age of 5 and 11. Hotel Hallo is a colourful educational package for children who barely speak any Dutch. With the help of songs, radio shows and stories children acquire a basic vocabulary - over 1000 words are offered actively - and practice communication (speaking and listening). Hotel Hallo is structured thematically. Teachers do not have to work through the books in a linear order.

Hotel Hallo is realized thanks to financial and editorial support of the Nederlanse Taalunie.

The king has a problem. A smelly problem. Every evening, when the servant enters the dining room with the desert, some one farts. But who? It cannot be the princess, her farts smell like roses. Or the prince, his farts are very load. Of course the queen did not fart, certainly not! The king decides to hire the best sniffer in the kingdom: Nose. He will be able so sniff out the sneaky stinker!